RV Combo Kit

RV Combo Kit

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RV noise and engine heat can be extremely annoying and reduce the enjoyment of any trip. Dynamat products can efficiently reduce noise and heat at the source. Some of the many applications: Class A engine “doghouse” cover, generator housing and road noise migration into cabin areas. As well as, vibrational noise from the floor, doors, walls and other any structure or surface.

Combo Kit Contains:  24 Sq.Ft. Total + Roller

  • (3) Sheets Dynamat Xtreme 18" x 32" (12 sq.ft.)
  • (1)  Sheet DynaCore 1/2" Thick  32" x 54" (12 sq.ft.)
  • (1)  Dynamat Pro Roller Tool

12 Sq.Ft. Dynamat® Xtreme® (3 Sheets)
Vibrational Damping Material


12 Sq.ft. Dynamat® Dynacore(1 Sheet)
Black Thermo-Acoustic Fiber


Bonus Roller Tool


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